A gun store in eastern Tennessee called Frontier Firearms is offering a discount to any Christians who wish to purchase a weapon to protect themselves.

"It's a matter of saying the words 'I'm a Christian' and you get the discount," said store owner Brant Williams. Williams said that he believes that the best way that someone can protect themselves is with a handgun and that he's doing his part to help protect fellow Christians.

"If Christians are going to be targeted, we need to protect ourselves," he said.

Customers at the store who let Williams know that they are Christian will receive a 5% discount off their purchase of a gun.

While many are praising Williams for doing his part to give Christians the tools to protect themselves, there are some who are pushing back against the discount. Many think that Christianity should stand more for peace and nonviolent protest than for a movement that walks around armed with guns.

However, it's quite clear that the shooter was targeting Christians in at least part of his attack at the UCC campus and that targeting should be alarming for Christians everywhere.

It's heartening to see business owners like Williams reaching out and doing what they can to help share the burden of being Christian, and we can only hope that others choose to do so as well, especially in ways that don't promise more violence.

Mr. Williams, thank you for your support of the Christian cause.

h/t: Local 8 Now News

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